Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cycle One

AF visited two weeks after I think I ovulated. Not fun.

So here I am on day 16 of my first full cycle after going off the pill. I took Clomid days 5-9 and started using OPKS and taking baby aspirin & mucinex on day 11 to help with CM and my endometrium. Yesterday morning (day 15), for the first time ever, I had a positive on my OPK.
To see if I should "believe" the OPK, I took another one this morning and sure enough, it was negative, barely a line. My positive was REALLY a positive! A pee-on-a-stick test actually resulted in a positive…what a glorious day…my body works!
We "abstained" last night as advised by the nurse but now I am regretting it as I think I ovulated this morning. There was major O pain this morning and now I feel achey around the ovaries. However, the good news is that we BD'd on Sunday, the day BEFORE the positive OPK which is supposed to be the "prime time". I used PreSeed for the first time that night. Potentially "hostile" (however copious) CM is something that was never addressed seriously ten years ago and I think it may be a factor in my difficulty conceiving. My dr always replied that IUI's got us around that issue (a post coital had revealed no sperm way back then). Before it had to be hashed out, I got tired of the infertility ride early on and we adopted our darling, irreplaceable, makes-my-life-complete oldest daughter.