Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Your ovaries are obviously able to overpower microdose lupron"

Why are buttons popping off my shirt?

I just got an email from RENurse and that is what she said about why I ovulated very early on Lup*ron. The "microdose" is what they use for "older women". I told her my ovaries would blow them away! :)

Older woman....peeshaw!

BCP's and lupron and then IVF#2 starting on May 12.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Starting Over

Cycle Day 1.

Oh the squeals of joy coming from my bathroom this morning...if only you could have been there! My last gonal-F was Friday morning. I finally started my period this morning. This could have taken weeks and I am so glad it happened quickly.

Waiting to hear from RENurse. My best guess is that I will start the pill tonight and stay on it until we begin the IVF cycle.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Pituitary gland that won't stop

Yeah, um, I ovulated on Lup*ron! That's right folks, I am the lucky winner of a high progesterone level in the middle of stims! It seems my ovaries kicked out an egg in the last week or so. As of right now, my ovaries are full of lovely developing eggs...about 15 of them. They are officially toast as the cycle has been cancelled.

The RE is stumped and will devise a new protocol.

For now I am to stop all meds and wait for my period to start. It could be a few days and it could be a few weeks.

So much for that $900 worth of Go*nal-F.

Will update later when there is something to report. If anyone else has had this happen, please give your input!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ice, ice, baby

Never underestimate the power of ice.

Our first injection was Saturday, March 31 at 7AM. Ivan is now an expert with sub-q injections! The key to making it through each one is to ice the injection site beforehand. We used the polarpack that was shipped with my Gonal-F (which we started Monday).
Two rules of injection time....I have to cover my face and I can't utter words, sounds, etc.. It has worked nicely so far.
Today was my first ultrasound and blood draw to see how things are coming along. I am awaiting the call from RENurse now. Dr. Smile announced several follice sizes for the nurse to write down. There were 4-5 on each ovary but the left ovary had larger follices which concerns me. Will update when RENurse calls with the numbers.