Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hormone Limbo H$ll

For Pete's sake....spare me this hellish limbo! I stopped the pill last period. The Lup*ron continues (I am quite the sub-q pro these days). The crampy-looming-period achiness continues. The headaches continue. The extreme tiredness continues. I want my estrogen back! I want the BCP pills back! Tomorrow had better be the day or I will seriously lose what is left of my temporaily-in-menopause brain! I despise the days that precede a period....although I am confident that my Ivan despises them more.

Come on hormone gods, cut me some slack!


Sarah said...

isn't that just like AF? bitch. hope she shows up soon.

Sara said...

Ugh! Waiting, estrogen withdrawal, and PMS all at once. That doesn't sound like a good time. I really hope that you're seeing red soon.