Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stimming again!

The ultrasound and bloodwork Friday looked good. Estradial at 3o-something and the cyst was collapsed. We started Gon*al-F on Saturday morning for AM/PM doses and will continue with the Lup*ron, 10u once per day. My next bloodwork is set for Tuesday morning. Oh geez, I want to be excited but am very cautious because I know another rogue follicle could grow and lutenize all of my other eggs. This is not supposed to happen on on Lup*ron!

If we actually get to proceed this time, that puts our retrieval right around July 4.

Sorry these posts are so factual with no extra commentary. In my "real life", I am quite full of things to say but it seems when I come here, I just spit out the facts and "post". Maybe it's because I am not really "me" here.

Hopefully positive news on Tuesday.


Sarah said...

i know what you mean about the posts. i'm sort of the same way, i use my blog more for sharing information than for working out my feelings about things. for me it's partly because i've made my blog so public with friends and family so there are some things i just don't want to share with all of them, but it's been worth it to help educate the fertile world (my sphere of it that is) about what we go through.

anyway, good luck with the cycle, sounds like you're off to a great start!!

Imogen and David said...

Good luck with your bloods. Is it Tuesday yet over there? :)