Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let the FET cycle begin!

Well, after an excrutiating few days of PMS, I have been released and am happily enjoying CD2 with cramps and a fresh start.

We have a protocol which includes Vi*velle (estra*diol) dots, Doxy*clycline (antibiotic), Med*rol (a corti*costeroid which decreases inflammation), PIO. Would you all believe that I have missed the needles? Ivan is so good at giving the PIO shots that I am looking forward to my first one?

Ultrasound to check my lining is on Monday, Sept 10 with a planned transfer on Friday, Sept 14.

The anxiety-producing aspect of this is that we only have two embryos to thaw and what if they did not survive the freeze? I am already wondering if I will be willing to walk away and say "we tried" or will I be drawn back in for another fresh cycle? I know my heart would be ready for another cycle but that head, it will surely get in the way.

Just as I was typing this, an email arrived from RENurse. Attached were consent forms that we need to sign. In part one of them reads, "we Ivan and Ashpash confirm that we are the biologic parents of these embryos..." Beautiful, humbling, heartbreaking words.

Yowza, reading the language gets my leg to tapping..."embryos"..."implantation..."pregnant"...."baby". I love this process. It's painful and expensive and heartbreaking but I love it. For the first time in my life I have some level of control over this whole procreation thing. It feels good.

Lately, Lilli (our youngest), has been saying she wants a baby sister..or brother. She doesn't care which, she just wants a sibling. Oh, honey, mamma wants a sibling for you, too! :)

Hang on our two 4-celled "goods", we are coming!

I was asked by Chas at sugarandice if I really like the PIO's. And Samantha at Southern Infertility just came right out and said she doesn't believe me! :)

Well, no, I don't physically enjoy the several inches long metal needle piercing my flesh. Not so much. You've got me there girls! It's the routine of it all that I love. The empowerment of telling endo to take a flying leap while allowing nature to circumvent that awful stuff and attempt to "do it's thing". That is what I like about the PIO's...what the represent despite their pain and resulting bruises.


Samantha said...

I don't believe you about the PIO :)

JJ said...

Ill be checking in with you! I am so excited for you that you are moving forward--and you give me strength to approach an FET cycle in the near future....
BEST to you....

Chastity said...

Wow, you like the PIO?? I just can't believe that :). I hope your FET goes really well. I am looking at trying another one in a couple of months (maybe), and it scares the living crap out of me.

pw frozen

Larisa said...

I get what you mean about the shots - FETs can seem so slow and uneventful because they march on without all the needling.

I hope they both thaw beautifully for you.

Sara said...

I hate the PIO, but I know what you mean about the excitement of taking action to fight back against endo and infertility.

I'm so glad to hear that all systems are go for this month. I hope that everything goes well, and that Lili's little sibling is in that tube.

Mony said...

Bravo FET's!

Sarah said...

congratulations on the new cycle! i am SO with you on how much better it feels to have some control.

best of luck at monday's scan, and warmest wishes to those little embryos for the big thaw.