Friday, September 07, 2007

I fed my children bugs

It was a few weeks ago and I certainly did not mean to! :O I made steamed broccoli for dinner. The gals were chowing down and Lili said "mom, there is something in my broccoli". Oh, Lili! I thought, there is nothing in your food!

Umm, yeah, about that.

There were bugs. Many, many BUGS in her broccoli. They were dead bugs which is almost worse. They got "steamed" along with the broccoli. And, people, she had already eaten half of it at the point she had noticed something was awry!

They were small but, upon closer inspection, clearly had legs and exoskeletons. I ran in to Ivan, "I just fed our children bugs!"...we both "oh noooo-ed" to each other and made faces that expessed what we felt...that perhaps our nominations for the Nobel Parenting Prize might now be in jeopardy!

Okay Blogdom, I see it in your are grimacing wondering why in the h$ll AshPash is trying to add another innocent child to the family when she cannot even properly clean broccoli. I know, I know, it sounds bad. Honestly, I DID wash said green vegetable in a stream of hot water.

Well, last night we had broccoli again. Imagine the high point of my mothering career when both daughters in unison sang, "mom, can we have the broccoli without the bugs this time?"

GAHHH!! Nice.

Sadly, they both seemed to have lost their taste for steamed broccoli and will forever be scarred by The. Bugs.

Yep, I bet those embryos can't wait to be thawed and transferred into *MY* womb!


Stephanie said...

funny post. I am so impressed that your kids were eating broccoli in the first place. kuddos!

Heather said...

If they are anything like I was growing up - they will use this line forever. It is golden.

Whenever we had company and mom told us to go wash up for dinner or to go take a bath - or anything of the sort...we would always say, "Do we have to use soap tonight?" As if we were ever given a choice - she used to get SO mad.

Sarah said...

hahaha! if (when?) there are bugs up in the florets how would anyone ever get them out? i'm not sure it's possible to avoid this if you happen to be unlucky enough to be sold bug-ridden broccoli.

Samantha said...

Hey, at least the bugs were cooked!