Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update on Life

Greetings friends! Yes, this has become one of those lame blogs with no updates! I am so sorry!

IVF with donor eggs is on hold for now...maybe forever...who knows!

Right now I am focusing on homeschooling my oldest child for this school year. She is an "outside the box" kinda gal and needs a place to learn that is fun and engaging and at her pace!

Nothing has changed in my heart...I still want to pursue a pregnancy with age 40 looming in the near future! It's not too late for my own eggs but seems like a bad way to spend the money since there would be such an increased risk for birth defects and a lesser chance of conception. The clock is ticking...and rather loudly. Not only is it ticking for my eggs but also for pursuing motherhood in general...there are days I just can't imagine having a baby/toddler/preschooler around again. I want it but can I handle it? Would love to hear back from some of you fabulous *is* parenting a baby in your 40's?

I will check in with all of you now and then and I send warm wishes for success and happiness!


Sara said...

Oh hooray! You're back!

Good luck with your homeschooling adventures. I'd love to hear more about that part of your story if it's something that you're willing to share.

I'm not quite 40 yet either, but as the 39-year-old mom to a 10-month-old, I think it's doable. Sleeplessness is hard at any age, and parenting a newborn is really physical, but on the other hand, being an experienced mom will make things a lot easier for you, I think. I made so many beginner mistakes! At least that's what I tell myself as I try for #2!

kc mom said...

I am not quite 40 either. I will be 37 in April. I am a mother to a 16 year old daughter and a 22-month old son. We are currently trying, trying and trying for the final little one!!! (But ofcourse, no one knows this!!!)