Friday, August 14, 2009

I think we have chosen a donor!

Okay, so this time around (two years after our first IVF using my eggs) I have this humble sense of peace about our cycle. It 's as if showing too much enthusiasm will jinx us. I am so excited that I am calm...does that make sense?

Today's reason to be freakishly calmly enthusiastic: I think we have chosen a donor!

It feels like it happened really fast. Has anyone chosen a donor within just a week or so? Our RE has "x" donors meeting our preferred criteria and we really like one of them over all the rest. She feels right for several reasons. Were we supposed to take weeks and weeks to do this? I guess I don't think we should obsess too much over the donor. If she is fertile, healthy and meets even just a few physical characteristics we prefer, I figure why keep looking, yes?

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