Saturday, August 15, 2009

Massage during IVF

With our last IVF cycle two years ago I went for accu*puncture before and on the day of our transfer. I did conceive but had an early miscarriage. Looking back, I don't know why I did the accu*puncture b.c it was not relaxing for me at all. I don't like needles (who does?) and remember being anxious that I was going to hit one if I moved a muscle!
This time around I want to go for massages in the weeks leading up to our IVF cycle and also during the 2WW. There is NOTHING better than a massage for relaxation! I thought I would schedule weekly 30 min massages and therefore be able to go more often (I would feel pretty guilty about several 60 minute massages).
Has anyone else done this or heard of it as being beneficial during IVF? It certainly can't hurt.

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ASP said...

Hey! Just wanted to comment about the massage--I'm sure you know this, but be careful with the type of massages you get and let your masseuse know that you could possibly be/are pregnant during the 2ww. There's all kinds of trigger points that could cause issues with miscarriage. Love your blog too! And I think we're both sick in the strange, "I like the needles" kind of way ;D I was so excited to start the shots this cycle--I guess it's a milestone in the whole crazy journey and makes it seem that much closer to a bebe! Good luck!