Monday, August 17, 2009

We have a schedule!

My mock cycle will start in two weeks. B/c I am on BCP's perpetually for endo, the lining of my uterus stays very thin. If my lining is indeed thin when I go in next week, we will start the following day on the mock cycle (exciting b/c we thought I would need to start a period to get started but it may not be necessary to wait on a period)!
The mock cycle begins with me going off BCP's and starting estrogen patches. After two weeks I will have a transvag to check my uterine lining. If the lining increases in thickness then the PIO's begin! After ten days I have will have endometrial biopsy to make sure my lining responded appropriately to the meds. If the lining looks good, we will move on to the active cycle with our donor!

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