Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feelin' Good, ultrasound tomorrow

So I seem to be enjoying my "little blue pill" of estro*gen! It's not that messy and I do feel the increased hormone levels. Hoping for a good visit tomorrow...the ultrasound to check my endometrium is at 8:30AM. Crap...bloodwork again...just remembered *that* part. Ugh.

Drug* sent me a "free shipping" email so I went online to choose some preg*nancy about 6 weeks I will be needing them! I get so excited thinking about life post-transfer and then I am filled with fear of failure. There is no anxiety like that of peeing on a stick and waiting for the result. I have only had one BFP in my life and I was in utter shock when it happened.

How I want this to work. The yearning is indescribable. You all know all too well what I mean.


Egg Factory said...

Best wishes on this cycle! Hope that lining is looking sublime!

Circus Princess said...

I'm with you, yearning and hoping. Here's to a perfect cycle with optimal outcome :-)

LowFat said...

I'm glad that your enjoying your pill. I hope that your visit goes well and that you get another bfp :D