Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Looking forward to my estro*gen

The patches have started on my mock cycle. I am on one patch right now and will put on two tomorrow. I "live" perpetually on low dose birth control pills to control my endo. It's great for pain but I really miss my estrogen. Have you ever noticed how great you feel mid-cycle...like you could conquer the world? I miss that feeling! Before the mock cycle is over I will be on FOUR patches..then the PIO starts. Bring on the estro*gen!


ASP said...

So excited for you to be gearing up for everything! Isn't it the greatest feeling (well, sort of) getting all your meds ready to go and actually starting something!? I'll be joining you on the Sept./Oct. cyclesista! So I'll be keeping a close eye on you! ;D

Echloe said...

Sending you lots of luck for this cycle.