Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Growin' Eggs on the 24th!

The donor's estradiol finally fell below 25! WHEW! We start growing eggs on Saturday!! :)

Toning down my enthusiasm ever so slightly is the fact that my youngest came home from school with a fever. Sigh. Not sure yet if it could be flu. Right now I am saying NOT b/c she really only has fever. None of the cold symptoms or vomiting/diarrhea that comes with the flu are present right now. Morning will tell us more.

Popping vitamin D3 like crazy so we don't get this. Ivan's swimmers cannot be exposed to a fever!


Kelly's Ideas said...

It's been an eventful day - wtg on the eggs and I hope you baby is better soon.

Love to you.

Musicmakermomma said...

So glad your donors levels evened out! Hope things go smoothly from here on. No flu!!!

Raylene said...

Good luck with the cycle! Im also doing DE but Im a month behind you!

karlinda said...

That's great news!

As for the flu/virus, try popping some zinc too (good for the swimmers and the immune system!).

Alice said...

Wishing you all the best as things get rolling her! I'll be following your journey as I may end up going the DE route! hugs!