Sunday, October 18, 2009

No eggs yet...

The donor's estradiol level was a little too high. They are re-checking her Weds and if all is well then we will proceed with stims on Saturday the 24th. That puts an embryo transfer the first week in November. The *only* positive thing is that this no longer could impact Hallo*ween plans. We do have commitments made for the 30th and 31st so it will be nice not to worry about that. The new projected week of ET *does* interfere with some other commitments but those don't involve my children so easier to deal with. My biggest fear? This gives Ivan, the donor or me one more week to contract the flu! I am terrified it will impact this cycle.

Bummer. I feel like nothing with this has gone that possibly a good sign that it will work? The best things aren't easy?

I stay on Lup*ron and estro*gen for ANOTHER week.

Back to regular programming.

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