Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stimming Along

Based on the calendar I was given we can assume retrieval will be one week from today. The donor goes in today for a blood check...hopefully all looks good there.

Oldest daughter still has the flu...she is on day 5 of fever. Sigh. I am hoping we see improvement today. If there is no improvement today we will be visiting the Ped for a possible secondary bacterial issue.

This entire DE process has been a challenge from DAY 1! I have to hope this is actually lucky...the best things in life are worth fighting for!

I continue to be on Lu*pron, DOTs and Es*trace....oh, and Tami*flu!


jenicini said...

Hope everything is trucking along with her follies!

Alice said...

The DE process sounds tricky to say the least. I hope everything for both parties goes as well as possible and that the flu stays far, far away from your body! xoxo

Journey Girl said...

I'm hoping everything goes well for the rest of your cycle, AshPash - I am hoping it will get easier and be a really positive result for you! Got to love those 21 year old eggs - our donor is 22 - am very excited not to be relying on my dodgy ones anymore!

Sending you my positive vibes!!