Monday, November 16, 2009

Cycle Day 26

* Temp 99.6 (it is staying slightly elevated)

* Mild headache

* Second night in a row could not sleep due to extreme nausea. Had to get up and eat crackers at midnight which calmed my stomach and I was able to fall asleep. I have never had *that* level of nausea that called FOR food. This was "OMG I have a stomach bug" kind of nausea.

* PIO was extremely painful this morning...Ivan hit a nerve or something. Horrible constant my face is cringing from the pain.

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maxandzuzu said...

I'm thinking you may just get your BFP this time! Yes you would have an elevated temp. if you are pregnant. That is why people monitor their temps. The upset stomach seems like a dead give away. Fingers crossed for you, but I think it's a go!