Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year

Did everyone just hear the screaming in my house? Holy Moly!

I posted to my FAMILY blog but it was a post meant for HERE! The words that flew out of my mouth! Thank goodness it wasn't Face*book! :O Whew, successfully deleted but now I have to rewrite my post. looks like 2010 will be the year of Frosty. We will transfer him in the next few months. There is no rush for *him* but I need closure. Need to know where this is all going once and for all.

I am really dreading the PIO b/c my bum still hurts from the last round. I think I have permanent nerve damage.

I said this last time but *have* to mean it this time....I am getting older and DE IVF is just too expensive to do it again....this is gonna "be it". We all have a cross to bear...and infertility will always be mine.

Hugs to all.


Circus Princess said...

OMG, I can only imagine the panic posting on the wrong blog! I'm hoping our frosties are the super variety and 2010 is the best year of our lives!

Expectant Duck said...

Ugh - wrong blog! That must have been scarey. Looking forward to reading about the cycle!

maxandzuzu said...

Nerve damage, that's not good! They say that nerves can take up to a year to heal.

Don't pull that cross out just yet. You never know!

I would have to end my life if I'd posted to my family blog. Of course, maybe our (IF's) families should know all of the struggles that we've suffered.

You sound as though you've found some peace. I'm really happy for you. Looking forward to reading your blog this year.

Sara said...

Posting on the wrong blog is one of my worst nightmares! I'm glad you caught it before no real damage was done.

It took at least a month for my arse to recover from the PIO. I am not a fan.

As for the decision to end it after Frosty, I totally understand. Of course I will also understand if you change your mind. I hope that Frosty has a good thaw, and that it doesn't come to that.

jenicini said...

I'm cheering for frostie! :)

Sarah said...

you're just saving all your 2010 good fortune for when it really counts :)

The Wright's said...

Yikes!! I have an IRL blog and then my if-focused blog, too, and I have done this same exact thing! Just last week, I relocated my blog to a new home but set it up through blogger, just like my old one. I was folding laundry and going about my business when I suddenly realized that I hadn't hidden my IF blog on my profile, so it had been viewable for several hours. I freaked, ran downstairs and changed it and am just hoping hoping hoping that my MIL didn't happen to click on our profile that day!! (Or anyone else, but mostly her!)