Saturday, February 27, 2010

The day after

I have not cried yet. Am really just stunned right now.

Th reason an email was part of this is because I could not hear the words "negative" again. I told the coordinator to email me with a negative and call with a positive.

The email did not get lost. She never emailed me. This has happened repeatedly since we started the donor egg process. I wouldn't hear from her and she would always blame it on email getting lost, etc..

The coordinator was off yesterday, the IVF nurses called her and she never emailed me, plain and simple. There is NO WAY someone has THAT many email issues.

Just settled in with a gin & tonic...after having to mop the floor and shower after the tonic water EXPLODED all over me and the kitchen!

Gin do your work....


jenicini said...

You are right, no one has that many problems with email. That's just bull. But regardless, I'm so sorry this happened.

maxandzuzu said...

Adding insult to injury the drink that's supposed to sooth you explodes into yet another chore! That sounds just like the kind of thing that happens to me. I really thought this would work. I hope you and your husband find comfort in the two little beautiful girls that you so lovingly adopted. Don't stop writing. We're all here for you.


BigP's Heather said...

I hope you (at the very least) speak with or send a strongly worded letter to her supervisor. That is just unacceptable.

Thinking o fyou.

Eb said...

so sorry this cycle didn't work. and the clinics make me so mad, they are so crap.

I hope you find some peace very soon.

Circus Princess said...

I'm so very, very sorry! Don't even know what to say other than I wish I could give you a shoulder to lean on :(

Musicmakermomma said...

Well, crap. I am so sorry. This whole process is just so unfair.

Sara said...

There is no way that many emails went wrong (unless you have your junk mail filter set on "lethal," in which case you would have the same problem with other businesses). They are just lying. That's total crap. Plus she probably should have phoned anyway a few hours after the email just in case you had any questions. SO not cool.