Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is on the way!

Is anyone else 42 years old and wondering why oh why they want to parent a baby again? The warmer weather is slowly making its way back. And here I am, thawing out and perusing Do*nor Embryo blogs. Again. It gets me all giggly and excited to read the success stories.

But then I think about how in 6 years our two children will be in college. Do I really want college-aged children AND a kindergartener? What in the world am I thinking?

I tried to call the clinic near us who facilitates DEmbryo transfers. They were at lunch. I am hoping they still offer this service and that it's still affordable.

Back to other things that need to be done. Hugs to all! :)


aimeemax said...

Not 42 and wondering but about to turn 39 and wondering. Not that it's at all likely in my case, but still I wonder about the age gaps and the tiredness and the capacity for me to do this now after all. I hope we both get a chance to.

linda said...

Ahem, I'm 46 and I'm considering my first, along with a handful of women my age who are doing the same.

My mom was 47 when she adopted me. She's turning 94 and thinks it was me that kept her young all these years. :)

I've got a link on my site to all the clinics with donor embryo programs in the country. Cruise on over.

AshPash said...

I love that, Linda! My DH's grandmother had her last at 40-something and said that last baby kept her young! :) She is 93 now.

The Patients Voice said...


We have just launched a blog for Endo Awareness Week 2011


It would be great if you could suggest some links



Sara said...

Yes, I'm 42 and considering my options to have another baby. You're not alone. I hope that both of us find a way to make our dreams come true without making ourselves crazy along the way.

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chrysalis said...

Hello, I am 54. Mother of a 7 year old DE baby that I had when I was 46. We always wanted, and tried for, a second. Thought our options were nil because of my age, but my son had been begging for a sibling so I thought I would look around and I found a clinic who would accept me! SART recently raised it's age limit recommendation to 55 so I just squeezed in.Had and passed every test they threw at me. I am very much aware of all the negative feedback out there about having a baby at 55, but we are choosing to go ahead. My thoughts are, it's our family and nobody else's concern.
I am 11 Days post five day transfer and have a positive pregnancy pregnancy test. Go in for my first beta tomorrow. Good luck