Saturday, June 24, 2006

Buckle that seatbelt....

Okay, so we have shared that we are starting this foolhearty attempt at pregnancy. The ticket has been purchased and the park is offering unlimited rides today lucky girls and boys. We are making our way to that big make-your-heart-stop ride...the one with all of the screaming people who wonder why in the hell they got on as it click-click-clicks towards the first descent. Hands in the air everyone!

How it begins....

I went off my BCP's (after being on them for two years sugar pills) on June 14 so that I can do a Clomid challenge test to see if my ovaries are still 20-something-ish or if they have started to take a hit after being around for almost four decades.

Interestingly, my period still has not started 10 days later. I was really dreading the insuing period - which I thought would bombard me in all of its painful glory within a few days (endo ain't too comfy during menstruation) but have been pleasantly surprised at how good I am feeling! Estrogen in large quantities is da bomb! What's even more interesting...I think I may have ovulated earlier this week. Okay. So that's new. While I respond beautifully to Clomid, the endo has interfered with (unassisted) ovulation in the past. Of course, the pain could have been an oozing endometrioma but this really seemed to be actual ovulation pain because it was accompanied by the nicest still my infertile heart. Umm, we took advantage of the pieces that seemed to be falling into place.

That's all I have to say about that.

Once my period finally starts - and it will start - I will begin taking the 100mg Clomid on days 5-9 for the big challenge. The expectation is that my lovely ovaries will respond like the troopers they have always been...I am quite proud of my ovaries and have no doubts in their abilities.

After my ovaries blow my Gyn away (again), it's on to one of those hystero-somethings that checks out the uterus.

If that looks good, we will be given the green light to start IVF which means a visit to has-a-great-record RE for blood tests, yada, yada, yada. Well, that is after a few months of low tech attempts which we will give our best shot. (Ha, that's the beauty, NO shots).

I have decided if we are going to take Clomid any way, we might as well try to conceive that month. I am a planner and have already ordered and received PreSeed to replace the mucus Clomid will knock out, some ovulation predictor kits (which I think are useless with Clomid) and some pregnancy tests, just in case. Perhaps I will ask my Gyn about giving me an hcg trigger just to give us that extra chance....heck, we might even do an IUI for fun!

Woohoo...this is feeling like old times! I am feeling ultra fertile already!

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