Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's all about the "O"ma's

EndometriOmas that is.

The RE's nurse finally called me back after they reviewed my file. The RE is very concerned about my endo history and they want to do an ultrasound to rule out endometriomas that may have returned (and probably have). If they are there, I will need a lap before we proceed. This is something I had already considered and feel like I am in good hands since the RE is being so proactive. We have an appt with the RE on January 31 and in the mean time I should start my period and will promptly go back on the pill. I LOVE the pill! It shocks me that so many of my friends don't like it. The regulation of hormones ROCKS! PMS and I don't get along really well.

So, I thought I would share a photo of my darling dog, Ben.

In this photo you will see that apparently the ever-naughty cat caused one of the placemats to slip off of the dining room table (Ya know, as he was climbing around. On the surface where we eat).

The cozy looking place mat laid there beckoning to Ben and he could no longer resist....he decided to take a nap. On the place where a dinner plate would sit. Filled with food. Intended for human consumption


So, visitors to our home can be assured of two things:
1. the cat was on the table before your arrival, and
2. the dog may have napped on your placemat. :)
Bon appetit!

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