Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A mish mosh of posts - cyst, snot, gag reflex, healthy ute to name a few topics

Trip to Dr.Smile today. He was his usual sincere self.

So, that rather large cyst the RE found a few weeks ago? Ya know, the one that could be hit with a bat and sent into left field, way over the fence? Well, this morning, during a very drippy hydrosonography it was determined that not only is my uterus pristine, my baseball cyst was G O N E. No needle aspiration for me! :) Go team!

The next step is to meet with the RE nurse who comes to town regularly to meet with IVF patients. I am hoping she will be here next week. Once we learn how to shove needles into my tender skin, we are off!

Why? are we doing this
How? will I handle the needles and mood swings
What? are we thinking

I am going to start acupuncture to help with implantation. My biggest 'worry' is getting those buggers to implant. I have huge amounts of confidence in my ovaries and the lovely embryos we will create. It's the getting them to stick part that I am concerned about. Endo patients have an especially hard time with implantation.

Ha, ha, ha, I have to laugh....MORE NEEDLES! ;)

**Update: RE nurse emailed me. She will be in town on March 5. I must make a note to mention that cold speculum with her. I am thinking AFTER the injection lesson. :)

First trip to the RE under our belts. I like my RE a lot. I had a lovely "test transfer" to see if the doc could pass the very thin catheter through my stenotic cervix. He could and it pinched. May I ask what happened to warming the speculum before insertion? Ahem.

While he was checking out my girl parts, he found a very lovely cyst the size of a baseball on my right ovary (well it looked that big on the screen). I wish I had a picture of that darned thing. It took up the entire screen. Endometriomas? Corpus Luteum that won't stop? Only time will tell. If it doesn't go away, I will need to spend yet another day traveling so that he can aspirate it.

With a needle.

That passes through the wall of my vaginal canal.

Is it any wonder that when I sat up from this glorious exam that I had to lie back down so I wouldn't slump over into the floor?

Fever people! I had a fever and when I am feverish I cry. It seems the cold virus that clogged up my head managed to do such a good job of it that my sinuses were hosting an infection. Well, what I call an almost-sinus-infection. I decided that if I approached this situation with aggressive treatment, I could forgo the trip to the dr and one week of antibiotics that would eventually lead to an itchy yeast infection. A lot was at stake. And a fever was burning away.

This is where the dynamic duo comes in.

So, pseudo*ephedrine and gua*fenesin together.....da bomb! We are talkin' the Pied Piper of snot removal people! Sadly, my aggressive intake of meds still did not guarantee me a good night's sleep. It wasn't because I was clogged and trying to breathe out of my mouth leading to a dry throat which wakes you up every time. No, it was because the rapid expulsion of fluids out of my various cranial orifices required a good nose blowing every, oh, I don't know, every seven minutes or so. After the first few blows, I would let out a very superbowlish-themed exclamation of victory, "oh, yeah!" (as if each soiled tissue was a touchdown). After a few hours of that, however, I just wanted sleep...clogged nose or not. Around 5 AM, when the meds had worn off, I was actually sleeping soundly. Not helping last night was the fact that my DH (who gave me the virus that spawned this ugly beast of a cold) is still not 100% unclogged. Therefore, he has been snoring. Not just snoring. SNORING. The princess that I am, it seems that even the slightest noise awakens me out of my royal slumber. I am seeing those sticky snoring prevention things in his future. Like tonight.

So, I have found that nothing conjures up a good gag reflex like Mucinex (ya know, my new guafenesin lover). Not only do those things feel like a mega block going down, just thinking of the taste makes me grimace. And, no matter how far I place said block in the back of my throat, my taste buds are still inundated with that horrendous toxic...blech...I am gagging just writing about it.

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