Thursday, January 04, 2007

Okay, so it was a false start

Ahem, here we are in 2007...and re-setting the starting gate. Oops. After a very busy fall, going back on the pill, a trip to Disney (Orlando) and the holidays, whew, here I am ready to crouch down and wait for the shot to ring out....again. I promise that my laces are tied this time.

To follow-up from July, I did eventually start my period (after the Clomid Challenge) but talk about a wild time back on my full blown hormones. Whew! It was interesting to say the least. I went back on the pill in August in anticipation of our October Disney trip. I don't have a good time with PMS and wanted to enjoy the trip on an even keel.

Once the holidays were over I had planned to use my ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor, toss my nose in the air at my GYN and try to conceive "naturally". Ha. Well, I am only one cycle in and realize that I don't have time to play around. The eggs are drying up, my friends, and we need to introduce them to DH's swimmers soon. A few weeks ago, I was ready to paperchase to China again. I still very much want to (and intend to). However, the wait is now two years and that does not include paperchasing. Too long. (And I guarantee adoptions will slow in '08 with the Summer Olympics being held there). The new plan...try to conceive NOW as the clock is ticking. No matter how that goes, we will paperchase to China again (and hopefully the process will have sped up by then). The Vietnam program just opened up again and for a fleeting millisecond, I thought about a son from Vietnam (because those referrals only take a few months). Well, that thought came and went. For one thing, I know girls, I can do girls. Boys scare me, quite honestly (although if we conceived one, DH and I would somehow figure it all out). More importantly, I don't want to mix the Asian cultures in our family for the sake of our China daughter. If we adopt again, it should be from China. Our hearts are truly in China.

The last correspondence between me and my GYN was in July. After the Clomid Challenge we learned that I have excellent ovarian reserve. Nice to hear. Cannot speak to quality but, hey, we have quantity! Let's hope that counts for something!

I have an appt with my GYN on January 16 for my annual exam. Once I talk with Dr. B, we will see where this ride will take us next.

While I wait on my appointment, my newest job in life is to obsess day and night about IVF and if this is the right decision. While Jazzercising today, I was weighing the pros and cons...telling myself why I should not feel quilty about this..that if the money is lost then at least we tried and I can cross this off of my list of "things to try once in life". I have found that I am actually more skilled in multi-tasking than I thought. Kick, ball, change, hip thrust (((obsess, obsess))) march up, march back, kick right, kick left (((obsess, obsess))). I never missed a beat.

The game is back on baby! The game is back on, baby!

Pandas shooting and leaving?

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