Monday, January 08, 2007


Doesn't it give you chills? Seeing an "egg" on a monitor that just assessed your hormone levels? That's a libido booster if ever there was one. Since investing in a fancy fertility monitor, there is a clear pattern that I ovulate LH surge was yesterday, day 9! Last month it was day 11. After researching, I cannot find concrete evidence one way or the other that indicates if this is good/bad/neither. Very interesting. In addition to the endometriomas...oh, and the stenotic cervix...this could be why I have never conceived. At day 10 (way back when) I would have been keeping DH at bay so he was good and fertile closer to day 14! Even though we most likely cannot do this "alone", it is very interesting to know what is going on with my body and I'm glad I plopped down the $200. (Cuz I was feeling a little guilty that someone so freaking infertile was buying a fertility monitor!)

Here are some photos of my darling daughters' feet. We attended a banquet last night and they wore their first open-toed heels. Damn, I could just eat them up. DH and I are feet people.

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