Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign - and I DO mean the Tesla version

Ahh, Tesla takes me back to my college concert-going days (#77, 78).

So, I am feeling like one of those mediums we are all skeptical of...the ones who say..."I am seeing a woman, with an "A" name...." and the person hoping to reach a departed loved one replies, "oh, oh, my great, great Aunt Annie whom I never met and have no emotional attachment to at all!"

Yeah, well, I like to think that what I have been experiencing is deeper that the great great Aunt Annie connection.

It's the signs, people. Lots of em. Their significance is up for debate.

Sign #1: I received a "pregnancy" magazine in the mail last week. Not with my name. It was for a neighbor on another street with the same house #.

Sign #2: My latest "In Style" magazine has pregnancy ads in it...the same ones from the Pregnancy magazine that I perused before putting it back in the mailbox for delivery to the rightful fertile-big-bellied owner. I have never seen pregnancy ads in "In Style" before. Right about now you are saying, "oh, they were there but you never noticed them." No, I am telling you, they have not been there before!

Sign #3: While trying to come up with a cute, cutting edge, says-something-about-me banner for my blog, I found this piece of clipart which I had never seen before. I saved it for my blog.

And there it was yesterday, in my latest issue of Cooking Light. That same piece of obscure clipart staring back at me from a huge full page ad.

If these are signs then what do they mean? Could it mean we are on the right track...could these signs be indicating IVF might actually this the universe telling me that we picked the right time to do this?

Perhaps it just means I need to get a life? :O

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