Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mom, are you on your period or something?

Me: "Excuse me?...Why would you think that?"

Goose: "Well, in the books you gave me (about puberty), it says that when women are on their period they tend to be crabby."

Me: (((laughing hysterically)))

Yes, Blogdom, I opened that can of worms and it has already come back to bite me in the @$$. Elvis is leaving the building and my little girl is holding his hand.

Fourth grade has been a real milestone in Goose's emotional development and much to her joy, we pulled out "THE" books this week. I have had this gem of a book for FOUR YEARS in my dresser drawer waiting for the right time. I found it at the library and immediately knew it was the book for us (of course I did return the library copy and bought my are relieved I'm sure). This outstanding book talks about every conceivable topic (conceivable...ha!) and does so without religious or political ties.

For the record, the reason I was being "crabby" was because I had realized five minutes earlier that I had planned two Lunar New Year parties in two different classrooms for the same time and same day. Would anyone in Blogdom care to guess WHY I might have done this?

It's called I. V. F.

I am a scatter-brained-one-track-mind mommy these days. It's downright scary to think of me on injectables in the next few weeks! Lord help Ivan.

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