Friday, March 23, 2007


Wow, have I ever broken a big blogging has been several days since my last post. We are just meditating here until our cycle begins hence the "ooohhhmmm" title. I was obsessed with IVF blogs for weeks and weeks and felt the need to take a break and just enjoy life without thinking about it all.

Drugs arrive tomorrow...perhaps I will snap a photo of all the goods and post it here.

Back to my soothing meditation......


Sarah said...

good for you! it is so hard to try to maintain any sense of balance in your life when you've got daily wandings and meds to keep track of, etc. gotta grab some normalcy when you can get it.

one tip: don't let the ginormous box of drugs freak you out. you'll get through them one step at a time and it will be so much easier than it looks at first. best of luck with the cycle!!

Samantha said...

What you gotta do, you gotta do, and if it means taking a break, it's the right thing for you.

I agree with Sarah, the drug box can lead to quick freak out. Just lay them out, sort them through, and take a few deep breaths!