Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ice, ice, baby

Never underestimate the power of ice.

Our first injection was Saturday, March 31 at 7AM. Ivan is now an expert with sub-q injections! The key to making it through each one is to ice the injection site beforehand. We used the polarpack that was shipped with my Gonal-F (which we started Monday).
Two rules of injection time....I have to cover my face and I can't utter words, sounds, etc.. It has worked nicely so far.
Today was my first ultrasound and blood draw to see how things are coming along. I am awaiting the call from RENurse now. Dr. Smile announced several follice sizes for the nurse to write down. There were 4-5 on each ovary but the left ovary had larger follices which concerns me. Will update when RENurse calls with the numbers.

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Sarah said...

hmm, i never iced down for sub Q, but i never felt them in all that belly fat either. goodluck this cycle!