Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Have a Protocol!

Good grief. This is really going to happen, isn't it?

Our meeting with REnurse went very well. I like her very much and she gave us all of the time we wanted. Ivan was a pro with the practice injections...that's my boy...ultra fertile AND good with needles!

Lup*ron starts March 31 with stims on April 2. Egg retrieval is expected April 9-12 and transfer April 13-16. Pregnancy test planned for week of April 23.

I told REnurse that I really want a 5-day transfer if the embies look good enough. She said that she would make sure the embryologist knows this.

Here are the drugs I will be using:

Lu*pron, 20 units
Go*nal-F, 225 units
Ovi*drel (hCG)
Med*rol (corticosteroid)
Vivelle estrogen patch, day of transfer

First acupuncture treatment Friday.

My first blood draw of this adventure was taken yesterday. That d@mn needle hit a nerve and the pain was intense! My arm and shoulder hurt for hours afterwards. When I was leaving the lab, I was thinking how I am NOT cut out for this! :O

But, here I am any way.


Zephra said...

I am new to the whole world of IVF. I saw your comment on my Sister Valerie's place and decided to pop in. I had a nerve hit once while having blood drawn. OUCH!!!

Valerie said...

So glad that you now know what is going to be happening and when. Sorry that the blood draw was painful. That sucks!

Sara said...

Ouch!!!! I'm so sorry about the painful blood draw. Hopefully the rest won't be like that.

I'm glad that you've got a plan in place, and a protocol in hand. What are the corticosteroids for?

Sarah said...

hurray!! it's so great to have a plan! may all future blood draws be entirely pain-free!