Friday, April 06, 2007

Pituitary gland that won't stop

Yeah, um, I ovulated on Lup*ron! That's right folks, I am the lucky winner of a high progesterone level in the middle of stims! It seems my ovaries kicked out an egg in the last week or so. As of right now, my ovaries are full of lovely developing eggs...about 15 of them. They are officially toast as the cycle has been cancelled.

The RE is stumped and will devise a new protocol.

For now I am to stop all meds and wait for my period to start. It could be a few days and it could be a few weeks.

So much for that $900 worth of Go*nal-F.

Will update later when there is something to report. If anyone else has had this happen, please give your input!


Samantha said...

I'm sorry! That totally sucks. I can't say that I've ever experienced that or know of someone who did. What was you dose of lu.pron? How long did you take it before starting stims? This might be things the doctor could adjust to prevent it from happening. I have also done medicated cycles with ganner.elix acetate. Maybe that would work better for you in the future for stopping ovulation.

Rachel said...

That's awful. I'm sorry. It sometimes feels like whatever can go wrong, will go wrong with these damn cycles. I'm sorry.

Sarah said...

wow, i have never heard of that. how very disappointing. i'm sorry.

Carey said...

Wow... I've been around the infertility block quite a few times and I've never heard of anyone ovulating on Lupron!! I'm so sorry your cycle got canceled.