Friday, May 18, 2007

Why June seems like a bad month

So, at 1AM last night my eyes popped wide open.

We can't do this is June....I will have unsightly bruises on my legs (and abdomen if I give injections to myself). How on earth does anyone do IVF in the summer and still go out in public wearing a swimsuit?

Women of Blogland....explain THAT to me!


Sarah said...

hmmm, i never had any shots in the legs, i hear they are so much more painful. the belly shots didn't hurt at all and i'm not one to bare my midriff anyway (not in the last 5 years anyway since it got a little squishier)...

you'll be fine! is there really a GOOD time to repeatedly stick yourself?

Sara said...

I never did any shots in the legs either, and the bruising on my belly was pretty minor (now the arse bruising from the PIO was another story entirely). I seriously doubt that anyone would have noticed IF I had gone out in public in a bikini. Now given that I haven't worn a bikini since I was about 20, the risk of that was infinitesimally small, but really, the injections wouldn't have affected that decision at all.