Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Egads...stay in the upper, outer quandrant!

So it turns out you can injure your sciatic nerve with PIO shots! The photo shows the "safe" area. The nurse showed Ivan how to find the safe spot...something about the hand and the thumb being placed on the back of the pelvic bone. He is a pro at it it but I still emailed this photo to him as a gentle reminder! Go here to read more.
PIO's are are much more bearable if you stand. I learned this when a doctor at China Camp (fellow China Mom) did my shot for me b/c Ivan could not be there. She told me afterward that PIO's are often less painful if you stand with you toes pointed slightly inward which could also be implemented if you prefer to lie down.


Malky B. said...

IM shots are the worst. I did one last Friday for the HCG and I still feel it somewhat and it's Tuesday!

Sarah said...

woohoo, just catching up on all your news and so glad to hear about the great transfer! PIO is totally fucking miserable, there were nights after a really bad one where i cried too and begged my hubby not to do it (knowing he'd never let me get that far and back down). funny thing is once i got the bfp i was almost scared to stop them, but ultimately i ditched those needles without a second thought!

hoping the rest of the wait flies by, and of course ends in fabulous news!!