Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today is 5dp3dt - Cycle day 22 - 8 days post "ovulation".

There are no "symptoms" except for sore boobs and a sour stomach. But, I am pretty sure the boobs have been sore all along and the sour stomach is probably from the movie popcorn.

Thank heavens for distractions....

Today we saw the first showing of Har*y Pot*ter #5. IT ROCKED! As usual, they left out so much from the book which is a disappointment. Nonetheless we loved what was represented on the screen. Can't wait for book # 7 next weekend! Goose wants me to read it first but it will take me a month and her about three hours. She will never be able to hold out. It's like a box of pee sticks to a stirrup queen on CD 28...too tempting.

Lilli, Goose and I are leaving tomorrow morning early to attend China Culture Camp and then Saturday morning is the start of a two-day horse show where Goose will show on her pony.

I have been dreading the hectic weekend but it's better than obsessing about this cycle. While I am so excited about the outcome I am starting to resent the stress this whole ridiculous process causes. It really does start to feel like nonsense. And I still want it to work.


catherine said...

Glad to hear you liked the movie. I plan to re-read the books and get the new one while I'm on bedrest from the ET before I go see it. Thank you for posting that graph below as well as I am gearing up for the HCG shot tonight and will definitely have Dh stay in the safe zone.

Tam said...

Not long to go now sweetie, hang in there. Praying for good news for you :)

Sarah said...

distractions are godsends at this point, even the hectic ones. anything to help maintain a little sanity!