Monday, July 23, 2007

Hormone hell and FET stories needed!

No period yet. Just living here in hormone hell waiting and waiting. So far I have been mostly "numb" and hoping CD 1 will help with my emotional state. How do women lose pregnancies at 8, 12, 20 weeks? HOW IN THE HELL do they do it? My heart and utmost respect goes out to those women. It's not like we IFers just "go at it" again next month. We invest weeks and months into one cycle, not to mention the damn plethora of needles...oh, and let's not forget the cold hard cash. That's not to say that fertiles are any less saddened by a mc but I do think the road to recovery, so to speak, is a shorter one. They can get right back on track within a few months and have the relative sense of peace that it will work eventually.

Me? I sit here with all of my hopes on two frozen embryos. They were the slowest growing of the five and rated as "good". Just nice solid embryos, nothing stellar about them but no real issues, either. I like "average", it's safe and comforting. I have read so many stories where the stragglers of the bunch ended up making a that stuck around. I am comforted by those stories and think fondly of our two 4-celled "goods" just waiting to be thawed so they can show the world what potential they have!

If you have or know of a heartwarming FET story, please post it! I need to be reminded that those FET's do result in babies sometimes. What's amazing is that they usually transfer the "best" embies in a fresh cycle and the "rest" are frozen. As any embryologist will admit, they honestly cannot tell which embies are the best based on "looking" at them. The slower growing less pretty embryos really get a bad wrap!

Let's hear it for all the underestimated "average" embryos out there!


Sarah said...

thats so true, i hear of that all the time too. they really can't tell so you can't put much stock in those grades. my clinic won't even give me any grades or ratings.

my cycle buddy bumble is now 13 weeks along from an FET. her blog is now password protected, but if you don't have it already let me know, you can email her for an invite.

Malky B. said...

manna banana at:
got pregnant on a FET cycle that resulted in her son after 3 losses. Check out her site.

Jen said...

I'm new to your site, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I recently had a miscarriage as well after my first IVF. I felt different from my other friend's that had miscarriages, because they can get pregnant on their own again, not that it eases their pain, I'm not saying that, but we have to go through all the agony of IVF again & hope it works again at that.
Sorry again for your loss, good luck with your FET, sounds like we will be in the same boat! My FET transfer will be this fall.

Good Luck...Jen

Samantha said...

I'm just catching up and so sorry that you had a chemical pregnancy. I know how hard that is.

My FETs haven't worked out, but there's plenty of people on blogland who've been successful (Jenny from the Infertility Block's daughter was from a FET cycle).

Hugs to you.

Sara said...

Well, it's not an FET story, but I got pregnant with one "so-so" and one "very poor" embryo", after a BFN with four "excellent" embryos. Clearly in my case, average was the way to go.

Good luck my dear. I really feel for you, and hope that you'll be much happier very soon.

Chastity said...

My clinic has excellent success with FETs. Way higher than the national average...

I don't have an FET success story for you...YET, but I'm hoping to have one for you come this Thursday. I had my FET last Tuesday...testing this Thursday. Wish me luck :).

BTW, this comment will not link to my IF blog...if you're interested in that the address is The pw is "frozen".

Marie-Baguette said...

I got pregnant with a FET following 2 failed fresh cycles (first one ended up with a chemical). My embryos were below average, I had only 3 of them and 2 survived the thaw... Both took but one split into 3 identical triplets, so I ended up being pregnant with quads. FET do work and they are so much less stressful. First, there is less drugs and there is less money involved, plus there is retrieval, which is such an awful procedure. Good luck with everything!