Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ka*ma Sut*ra Anyone?

First things first...thank you for your expressions of friendship after learning about our early loss. It's really comforting having fellow stirrup queens share in this journey. Only you guys *really* "get it".

Last night, in the depth of my numbness, I mustered up the wherewithal to take my Goose to a Har*ry Pot*ter party at Bor*ders. It was a night we had been looking forward to for months. While I really wanted to climb into bed with a pitcher of bellini's and not come out for a week, I had to step up to the mommy plate for my gal.

The store was abuzz with little Har*rys and Hermi*ones and treasure hunts and spelling bees and Quid*ditch tryouts. Goose took part in some of the activities and we visited the coffee shop for some treats. We moved on over to the kid's books and most unfortunately the pregnancy books were right smack dab next to the children's book section. I could not believe the luck. Ugh.

Goose found a book and was soon lost in the story, unaware of the mug*gle spelling bee going on right next to us. Mommy was going downhill fast but I realized it would be cruel to pull her out of her new-found world buried in the pages of that book and it seemed a shame to buy it since she was already half-way through. (Goose is a speed reader...she obtained the new H*P book at 10 AM this morning and even after swimming with friends this afternoon finished the book by 6PM). So that she could finish the book (and I could then spend the money on pee sticks for our FET in a few months), I decided to browse and she just walked with me, cruising through the book. We found ourselves near the "gift" area...there are cards and diaries and journals and photo know that area of bookstores. She settled herself at a shelf and propped her book up while I smelled candles and lotions. I moved my way down the shelf she was temporatily staking out and found, with great shock, she was right in the middle of ka*ma sut*ra and other various se*x books. Thankfully she was lost in her story and never even noticed the enlightening books within her reach. I was laughing to myself and snapped a photo.

There was my little Her*mione enjoying her age-appropriate book with every se*x position known to man (and woman) at her fingertips. Ignorance is bliss, yes?


Tam said...

Yes, ignorance is bliss isn't it. I am so sorry about your loss sweetie, I can't even imaging how you feel but must say that I take my hat off to you for still being a good mom. Hugs for you xxx

Sarah said...

oh that's funny! glad the absurdity lightened the moment. i hope there are plenty more of those, and they eventually outweigh the sadness.