Saturday, July 14, 2007

Relatively symptomless

Quick symptoms post.

Cycle day 25 ~ 11 days post "ovulation" ~ 8dp3dt

1. Larger, tender breasts.

2. Lots of peeing at night.

3. Sour stomach in the afternoons along with voracious appetite.

4. Headaches.

That's not much. These are all symptoms of progesterone. I don't know about the sour stomach thing but I know progesterone messes with digestion. Folks, there just are not any symptoms bowling me over. I am SICK TO DEATH of this process and want the whole thing behind me. It really consumes your life. My bad attitude could be the tired mommy talking. We spent FOURTEEN hours at a horse show today and I need sleep.

If I had to guess I would say I am not pregnant b/c these symptoms are nothing special.


Malky B. said...

You never know. I'm also in the 2WW. It's enough to make anyone a little batty. It will be nice when the day comes when science would be able to detect the moment one is pregnant. It would save us a whole lot of anguish. Even though I say that after the 2WW comes the 36WW. Just because someone becomes pregnant doesn't guarantee a baby. Try to stay positive though.

Sarah said...

well i know you've been there before and that pregnancy is different for everyone, but i didn't have any special symptoms this early either. it's just too hard to tell in the beginning with progesterone messing around in your system, i really don't think symptoms are a good guage. hope the rest of the wait flies by! (yeah, right)