Monday, September 10, 2007

Ever lost consciousness in Tar*get?

Well, me neither.

But, I ALMOST did!

After leaving Dr. Smile (my GYN) and my blood draw by my favorite phlebotomist, I drove to Tar*get. It took about ten mins to get there and not wanting to have that big ugly tape with the cotton ball on my arm, I took it off prematurely. Oops.

I was browsing through all of the joy that Tar*get has to offer and happened to look down at my arm. There was a knot under the skin the size of a large pea where the blood had been drawn. (((cringe))) It still makes me woozie. I said quite loudly, "oh no!" and started putting pressure on my arm...OUCH...le'metellya, that hurts!

The room got dark and the ear humming started. Whoa. It was close. I am sure they would have called an ambulance. Imagine the horror! Luckily, I made it through my little crisis and was walking around with a tissue jammed in the crook of my arm. To keep pressure on the site I smashed my arm up against my chest...which looked ridiculous, BTW. It would have been better to just leave the darned tape on!

RENurse called and my progesterone is 0.6...just where they want it. PIO starts tomorrow! I am looking forward to that injection! Go figure!

Hold on little embies....please thaw so you can meet your mother's uterus! Not only do I have some nice lush digs we are working on just for you, I am also really looking forward to my 48 hours of MANDATORY rest! Just me, my D*ell and some DVD's. Oh, and the new quilted bed topper I bought today. :) If you don't thaw, I guess I will be in bed all weekend any way (crying)....but I would much rather have you with me.


Chas said...

You poor thing! I never realized it was such a big deal to keep those things on your arm. I always remove them very quickly. I'll know better next time. So glad you didn't pass out! I am keeping you and your little eskimos in my prayers!!

Stephanie said...

glad you didn't pass out. that would have been bad. best of luck with the frostie's. HOw many are they defrosting? I am preggo from a frostie, so there is reason to be hopeful!

Sara said...

Ewww. Sorry about the loss of pressure accident. I'm glad that you managed to keep it together in Target.

Good luck with the PIO, and especially with the frozen embryos! I hope you have very good news to share in a few days.