Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feeling strange

6dp3dt - (9 days post "ovulation")

It is probably the PIO but I am not feeling well this afternoon.

I feel "unsettled", short of breath, hot then cold, tired, peeing a lot, mild headache off and on (have not had headaches in ages), weak. BB's fuller but not sore.

Like I said, PIO most likely but documenting any changes just in case.

Update: Perhaps I have gotten a badly timed bug? Ack. Hot flashes, sick to my stomach, blech...really sick to my stomach. Very unsettled.

Update 2:
Yep, something it happening. I either have a bug or there is something more long-term ((wink, wink)) going on. Constantly yawning, very sour stomach, peeing constantly. Still having hot then cold flashes. And, I seem to be a bit crampy. Not hard cramps, just crampy-ish. Saliva to the point of my mouth being "frothy". Tried to nap but a bad headache woke me. It's not one of my migraine-type's different. Geez, what else could it be? I really don't want to be fooling myself and I think it's way too early to test. If I had to classify this, I would say "it's how I felt in July".


Jenna said...

oh dear, this is something to think about isn't it? I'm sitting here hoping the best from this and I'm certainly not one who thinks that way often.

Stephanie said...

This all sounds promising!

Sarah said...

i hope they're all good signs!!

Kelly said...

Things are looking good in your neighborhood! When is your beta? Praying for u and your baby!! :)

Erin said...

Those definitely sound good! Can't wait for your beta! Are you a stick pee'er onner?