Thursday, September 20, 2007

The pee, the tiredness and the hunger

Okay, PIO is a strange beast. For one thing, I have absolutely zero reactions to it. Even the physical introduction of the needle and the slow administration of the thick oil into my arse is not even painful! (I am tellin' ya..stand with your toes pointed in).

It's the side effects...

For one, the pee. Egads, the pee smells so funny! I remember when I had my miscarriage and we stopped the PIO...I actually missed the smell. Oh, we IVFers are a funny lot, yes? Beyond the strange smelling urine, there is the extreme tired that hits around's intense and has led to more than one nap for AshPash. Lastly, there does not seem to be enough food in the county to feed me. Food is constantly being crammed into my mouth. And in large amounts.

Okay, symptoms, where are you? Calling all symptoms!


Sara said...

Ah yes, the hunger. I remember that. I gained five pounds with each cycle, and I'm convinced that I ate it all during the wait. I don't remember the pee smell, though. Strange.

Well, I'm glad that it doesn't hurt, anyway. Good luck keeping it together during the wait. I transferred two not-great embryos (one rated "so-so", one "not so good"), and one turned into Eggbert, so it CAN happen.

Samantha said...

I know what you mean about the hunger too, but I wish that my shots could be completely painless!