Saturday, September 22, 2007

I needed that whistle

So I was walking to my vehicle in the WM parking lot this morning and would have sworn I heard a sort of "cat call" coming from a passing mini van that had the driver window down. Nah, that wasn't for ME, I thought. Then, while loading my items into my 4R the same van drives by and this time the male driver whistled! HA! It's pretty pathetic when you are so low due to the 2ww that a pathetic guy in a MINI VAN can boost your day with his whistle! Yes, I am headed to pathetic-ville folks. Sad but true.

I took three Ty*lenol today to head-off any headache that might try to attack me this afternoon. Yesterday's headache turned into a migraine that had me practically moaning myself to sleep by bed time.

Today I am dealing with a mild headache, constant urge to pee and crampiness, bloating, larger BB's. All of these things are no doubt from the progesterone and it occurred to me...AHA...also caused by my effing endo! I am sure that prog has the endo just raging away in there.

This 2WW has been especially excrutiating and I don't know why. I hate it for all of us...that we have to go through it and often are disappointed in the end.


Sara said...

I'm so sorry this 2ww has been so awful. A migraine on top of everything else really does seem to be a bit much. I hope that you feel better soon.

(Oh, and I've been there with the whistle thing too. Sometimes we've got to take affirmation where we can get it.)

Amy said...

A whistle is a whistle. Had you never seen what he looked like, he could have been hotness for all you knew!

The other day I had some construction workers walking behind me and I heard some talk about me (as much as my high school spanish could translate). I swear, when I turned around, by the looks on their faces I half expected them to do the sign of the cross (due to the belly, not my hideousnees, I hope). It was fun while it lasted, though. We girls need our compliments where we can get them!