Friday, September 21, 2007

Nurse says too early for symptoms

Well, this is throwing me for a loop.

I emailed RENurse about my symptoms b/c I wanted to verify that I could take acetemenophen for the headaches...I really hate to take anything unless absolutely necessary.

She emailed back that she has never seen my "combination" of symptoms (gag reflex feeling, peeing a lot, nausea, hot/cold flashes, headache,) WTF?? and that it's too early for HCG triggered symptoms any way.

Okay, so it sounds like I am losing my effing mind then!

Can anyone on this ridiculous planet tell me why, if this is a "bug", it only seems to come in the afternoons?

Does the progesterone build up and cause weird-o symptoms at some point?

Not only is my HEAD ACHING like a sonofabitch and my stomach nauseated but now I am pissed off....just pissed in general that feeling this bad means NOTHING related to pregnancy (or so I am being told).

EFF YOU ENTIRE IVF PROCESS!! Girls, I am starting to "lose it". I can't do this again. Ever. Nope. Paperchasing to China or Vietnam is a process you are in control of...and there is a child at the end of all the craziness!!! I don't give a rat's a$$ about my DNA...other than passing on my ability to eat to my heart's delight and not gain an ounce, I have nothing special to pass on to anyone. Raising someone else's DNA is fine with me. Yes, I desperately want this to work...I so very much do. I want to experience pregnancy more than I want a "bio" child. But I don't want pregnancy badly enough to play the mind takes over your life and I want my life back!

What I would give for a cold alcoholic beverage right now. Let me promise this, Internet, if the beta is negative, I will be tying one on like never before.

Care to join me?

Symptom Update:
Really, really crampy now. If this were any other cycle I would say "I am about to start my period". But, we all know the PIO prevents that. So, can someone please explain the cramping? Yes, I, TOO, would like to knock me in the head, rendering me comatose until Tuesday morning.


Sarah said...

she's right, the symptom hunt really is worthless. When u are pregnant the old fashioned way, two early hormones cause the early symptoms: yep, you guessed it, progesterone and estrogen. So there is no way to glean any insights from symptoms until you've got measurable levels of HCG. Might as well just give in to the wait until beta, or maybe a peestick a few days before.

Doesn't mean ur symptoms are still good signs though, I'm hoping they are!

AshPash said...

Here is the thing people...I have been in progesterone and estrogen for 11 days...why would these symptoms be cropping up now? Wouldn't I have had the symptoms all along?

Von said...

Only you know how you feel. It could be the progesterone it could not........ Not helpful I know. I think all you can do is grin/grimace and bear with it for a few more days.
I've done cycles with prog and without, with hcg and without and each time symptoms were different and only once out of 7 attempts was I pregnant.
You are nearly there. It's very possible that it has worked for you.
I hope and pray that it has.

Sara said...

I don't know what to tell you. I had some of those symptoms with my bfp cycle, but I also had then on other cycles when I wasn't pregnant. There's really no way of knowing. It sucks.

A great big cyber-hug to you as you try to endure the last few days of the wait. I really hope there's a nice reward at the end to make it all worth it.

Samantha said...

Hey Ashpash,

I think hormones can do a lot of weird things to people, and infertility treatments can also cause a lot of stress, which manifest themselves as physical symptoms, so it really does make the whole thing a big-ass guessing game. I wish there was a way to make the tww easier, but I don't know what that is. If you find a way to do it, let me know.

Wishing you the best.