Saturday, September 15, 2007

This may be the death of me.....

Tickets go on sale this morning at 10AM for HM. My back-up plan backfired when an out of state uncle was going to get them at his TM booth (no lines at his booth) but we learned that only residents of my state can buy tickets to this concert.

So, here I am frantically creating TM accounts for Ivan and me. The ticket max is four tickets so we will see who gets the best tickets on their perspective laptops.

Am I really supposed to be relaxing? My heart is racing as I prepare to out-click thousands of other people! :O



I was at the site at THE moment the tickets went on sale and never could get any. It's very hard for me to believe that they went that fast. Within seconds? Can someone "in the know" please tell me how so many tickets ended up on the sites of other ticket sellers...the ones who sell them for way over face value?

I am so disappointed for my Goose and Lili. They probably won't care as much as I do.

To put it all into perspective....this morning I spoke with my friend who moved to India over the summer. She told me about a little girl she sees on the street every day. The child has leprosy.

Enough said.

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