Monday, May 12, 2008

Teleflora shouldn't expect my "non money"!

Not sure how many of you have the time to watch television during the day....I barely watch TV at all let alone during the day! It turns out the Today Show and Teleflora have teamed up to throw the "America's Favorite Mom" contest. Yeah, sounds all gooey drippy heartwarming...that is until you read the categories of the nominated moms. Before the barage of emails on Friday, one of the categories was "NON MOMs" was for moms who have parented other people's children or who are parenting children whom they ADOPTED. I can tell you my complaint email went out so fast it may have burned the modem on the way out. Within a few hours I had an apology email in my Inbox saying they had changed the category to "Adopting Moms".

Well Hells Bells, you idiots at NBC and Teleflora, why in God's name must you separate these mothers into categories AT ALL? One of them is called "working moms". Hmmm, last time I checked, I work my ASS OFF parenting my daughters, keeping up with their two schedules, following through on my volunteer work, maintaining a household that is not in total chaos, etc. But I guess since I don't earn a paycheck, I am not a "working mom". To add insult to injury, they have a separate category for moms whom have adopted? And, the original concept for this ridiculous contest had the adopting moms under the NON MOMS category?? Can someone tell me what a "non mom" is??

What possessed these people to create these silly caregories at all? Would it not have been better to present the nominess under a general theme of "inspiring stories"? How about five winners rather than one winner in each of five categories?

They have managed to minimize the roles of mothers from ALL walks of life and it's really a shame that it was done on such a special weekend and so publicly.

Wow, it's amazing how hard I work, how much love I show, how many nights I have been awake with worry about my NON DAUGHTERS. Non caregiving sure is hard work!

NBC and Teleflora don't have to worry about me spending my non money on any of their products and they are welcome to kiss my skinny non ass!


Hope2morrow said...

You are cracking me up! You go girl! Let 'em have it!

Nadine said...

wow that sucks, when i first read they had a non-mom category i thought wow that's so nice, it's for us infertiles who want to be moms.. .... adoptive moms are non moms - i wonder what they were smoking.

Kim said...

woah, they opened up a can of non worms with that one. As an A-mom, I am anything but a non mom. Hope the flowers wilt enough that NBC and teleflora get some sense knocked into them.