Thursday, August 27, 2009

23 gauge intramuscular needles...does a soul good

The package arrived this morning. PIO, patches and syringes. Ivan will have to watch a video to remember how to measure for the PIO.

With our first cycle I felt so empowered with all of the injections. For once I had some sort of control over my body and it's baby making capabilities.

I dug out the old paperwork. When they retrieved MY eggs two years ago they got 13 eggs and we only ended up with 5 embryos. Transferred the best 3 and froze the last 2. No baby.

Looking forward to getting this started. RE appt tomorrow, patches start Saturday to start growing my endometrium. Anxious to see how my endo reacts to the estrogen.


Nicole said...

Aaahhh the thrill of finally doing something! Congrats and good luck with this cycle.

Thanks for the support over my way too. Happy ICLW!

Beautiful Mess said...


Sending you so much good JUJU for your cycle! I hope your husband remembers how to do your shots and it doesn't hurt much!