Thursday, August 13, 2009

GYN Visit...the ball is starting to roll

Went to my GYN yesterday. He did a transvag b/c I have had pain on my left side. Sure enough I have a cyst. I grow cysts on my ovaries even while taking the pill continously. Figures. It hurt a lot more a few weeks ago so it must have been quite a bit larger than it is now (5mm yesterday). We will just let it clear on its own. It is definitely NOT an endometrioma as the fluid is clear.

Appt has been made with RE for August 28. I was hoping to get in sooner but need to trust the timing of all this. RE office is an almost 4 hour drive for me so I can't just pop in any time, hence an appt two weeks out.

The goal is to have an actice cycle by the end of October. I hope that can happen as I want this over before the holidays.

I will need to visit with the RE about the donor egg program (28th appt). After that we will do a mock cycle where I am given estro*gen and pro*gesterone. They will check the growth of my endometrium and also do a mock transfer through my tricky cervix.

If I pass the mock cycle then I will go on Lup*ron to await the start of an active cycle. To make this all more tricky, we are going on vacation in early October!

One issue up in the air is would I benefit from a lap to "clean up" my pelvis due to any endo that is growing. I don't really have pain per se. During my recent annual pap my GYN did an exam and I did not have any painful areas.

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