Sunday, August 09, 2009

Here we go....again

Two years after our IVF miscarriage we are again considering throwing our hats into the donor egg IVF ring. I am now 40 years old and actually don't at all mind going with donor eggs...just wish it didn't cost more.

Have an appt with my GYN next week to see if I should have a lap done before getting started. I am confident there is endo in there again. It's not like the nasty stuff just suddenly disappears. Sigh.

Does anyone have experience with endo and IVF whose RE has indicated that doing a "clean up" of the endo would help with the IVF results? With donor IVF we won't be tapping my ovaries, however, I wonder if the chemicals emitted from adhesions impair implantation? The RE nurse did not seem to think it matters.

Enjoying catching up on your blogs.

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Sarah said...

hmm, i thought from other blogs that a lap was generally recommended, depending of course on the state of things in there (you never know, maybe it will be tidier than you expect), but i have no personal knowledge.

good to hear from you, and good luck!!