Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am new to this "ICLW" concept. I like it.

My journey to children is pretty much covered over =====>> to the right. Currently I am parenting two beautiful daughters. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mom...I wanted to adopt and I also wanted to be pregnant "when I grew up". The mom part has been's the best job ever. The adopting part has been covered...twice...each time a miracle. Alas, I am not yet "complete". The problem is that IVF just keeps calling my name...and it turned into a full-on scream once I turned 40. After our last IVF failed (age 38), I knew I wanted to try again with donor eggs. It took two years to take the leap. Ivan (the dear husband) has slowly come around - the crappy economy did not help in pursuading him! He is fully on board now and it downright excited. He is somewhat in denial about the cost but is ready to do this nonetheless.

Next Friday I will meet with our RE to discuss the donor egg IVF process. While there our RE will check my endometrium. If it's nice and thin, I will start my "mock cycle" to make sure my lining responds appropriately to estrogen/pregesterone. In mid-October we should begin our active cycle with embies on board in time for All Saints Day!

I am encouraged to read the successes in blogland...and humbled by the losses. Following your stories keeps me afloat...and sane. I am here to cheer on and support each of you.


Mrs.Joyner said...

For some reason, just reading this one post, touched me..I will be following your story..and Im excited about your soon-to-be IVF on All Saints Day..Now, Im off to catch up on more of your posts:)


Echloe said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I think it is awesome that you are going to try donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. I hope your lining looks good and you can go through with your planned October cycle. Lots of luck.


In Due Time said...

Fingers crossed for you!

Welcome to ICLW. :-)

EEMiles said...

Good luck on your DE journey!!!!

Eb said...

Hi. I am just starting my DE cycle (first and hopefully last). Good luck with your mock!