Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Might still be on schedule

- Start Est*race tonight, continue with Dot patches,

- Ultrasound Monday. If all is well, start PIO.

- Oct 1 go to RE (3 hour drive) for endometrial biopsy and one of those liquid in the uterus tests...hydrosalpingogram.

- Vacation starts October 3...Lupron and Disney...what a pair!

- Upon return from vacation...active cycle (which was the original plan).

Still spotting red blood. Hmmm....not so sure about this. It's not just spotting. It's crampiness, too.


My Endo Journey said...

I'm not sure about mock cycles, but, after my supression meds and when we started the others, I bled-my period-for about 3-4 days. My first US was always one that "period".

Hope it all goes well!!!! :)

Circus Princess said...

Sorry to hear about all your trouble but happy that it's not as bad as it first seemed. Hope the rest of this mock cycle goes A+.