Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PIO Day 1 (mock cycle)

May I just say....


Dang, I don't remember it hurting this much. Whew, that oil takes a while to administer. And then the pain afterward...youch. I massaged the area afterward. Have I read before that some people warm the oil before administering? And do you warm the whole bottle or just the filled syringe?

Poor Ivan..he was really nervous "believe it or not this is harder on me than it is on you". Geez, I do believe it, sticking that IM needle in human flesh. Ack.

And to think this is *only* the mock cycle!

All. Worth. It.


Dot said...

WHoa...just keep on repeating those words...All.Worth.It !!


B. said...

I didn't have to use PIO, but read on other blogs about icing before and after in addition to warming the syringe of oil. The warmer oil should be less thick and disperse better. Good luck!!

jenicini said...

When I was doing my shots, I made sure I left the bottle in a nice warm place in my house. It really helped me to push the oil in slowly so that it could spread out instead of becoming a clump. After I slapped a band-aid on it, I would put a heating pad on the area and rub through the pad for about five minutes. No bruises, nothing. :D

Kim said...

I still feel the pain and have not had any PIO in years! My dh always said it hurt him more too! Now sure I believe that one! I used the warm the oil in my bra for about 10 minutes before the injection!

Jon, Cassie & Gareth said...

Hi! A long time lurker popping in to say that we always used a hot water bottle to warm the spot before and after...helped a bunch!