Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PIO Day 2 Much Better

I warmed the oil this morning. Ivan said it was much easier to draw into the syringe and I think it went in more quickly. Yesterday's cheek is still super sore. Every move from sitting to standing and vice versa HURTS and i have to remember not to moan so my girls don't think I am just getting old and cranky. ;)

Things are moving so quickly! Next Thurs is the biopsy and then we leave for Dis*ney for a week and BAM when we return the donor starts stimming! I have been wishing for the time to go quickly and here it is flying by.

Fingers crossed for (1) good results from the biopsy, (2) my period starts on time once I stop the PIO and (3) the donor doesn't have any rogue follicles.

One day at a time.


Kari said...

Oh I feel for you. I've never done the PIO shots but they terrify me. Fingers crossed for you that everything goes perfectly for you!! Enjoy Disney!!


jenicini said...

Exciting stuff! I'm so glad that you get to have a little vacation to distract you from the waiting! My friends just took a trip this week and they are going to the Princess Dinner and to the B.ippity B.oppity Salon before hand? It sounds too fun for little girls! Enjoy! Glad the shot went better. :D

Mai said...

I was just catching up & OUCH!! But Im glad today went better..and the time is flying..Im so excited for you:) And Dinsey..I wanna

Wishing 4 One said...

When i do the PIO i found that icing the injection site is freakin amazing! I never ever will do a shot without it. Eases the pain so much. Hold it there for like 5 minutes, then inject, you won't feel a thang- ICLW

caitsmom said...

Hope all goes your way!


IVF 40+ said...

the only thing that worked for me was warming the oil and warming the er.. injection site (for 10 mins before and after the injections). Ask your fella to rub the are he injected too - the oil has a tendency to just sit there and massaging is the only way to distribute it.

OK enough assvice.
have a great vacation at Dis-ney.

Lisa RM said...

PIO sucks. No question about it. A hot compress on your bum for a while after is also helpful.